Friday, April 12, 2013

Baseball Season

Jake and I have really been looking forward to this baseball season!  Patrick, Jake's younger brother, is a senior in High School and he plays for the Wake County Home School Worriers.  Jake and I have been away at school for the past 4 years, so we have not been able to watch Patrick play as much as we would like.  Now that we are finished with college and we are home for good, we try to make as many games as possible.  There are also a few guys in our youth group that play on the same team, so its fun to watch them play as well!
Night Games are ABSOLUTELY my favorite way to watch baseball.  There is something about watching a baseball game under the big lights!

Thomas and Amanda came to the game! GO UNCLE PAT!!

Aunt Lucy and Thomas after the game!! I sure do love cuddles from this sweet boy!!!

I am so glad it is baseball season!! Jake and I are really looking forward to watching a lot of baseball especially as it gets warmer!!

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  1. So much fun! Thomas has grown so much since I last saw him :( That second picture is so adorable!