Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Fisherman

One Saturday afternoon, Jake and I went to his Maw Maw's pond.  We have been really busy lately and he has been talking about wanting to go fishing but couldn't find the time.  While he was fishing, I was in the hammock.  Oh it was WONDERFUL!! Such a relaxing Saturday! 
 He was super excited to catch one. The fish weren't biting as good as he would have liked, but he caught a few!
I love relaxing afternoons with my Husband!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 After AWANA Janessa loves to run around in the gym.  One particular Wednesday night, we were setting up for a basketball fundraiser.  The basketball goals were set up and basketballs were out.  We were the only ones left in the gym, so Janessa decided to show off her skills!
 Uncle Jake holding her up to score a basket
 Pops helping Janessa spin the basketball on her finger
  Pops holding Janessa up!  

We had so much fun playing with her!  She loved being held up high and being able to hang on the rim!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dog Park

Trigger is such a social little puppy!  I am so thankful for such a kid hearted little pup!  This was Trigger's first trip to the dog park and it went so well!  I was a little nervous to begin with mostly because I do not trust other dogs.  Trigger is the type of dog that will just go up to another dog and start playing.  Not all dogs are friendly and do not like it with other dogs come up and want to play.  
 Thankfully, the dog park we went to is separated into large and small dog sections.  This made me a little more comfortable as most of the dogs were around Trigger's size!
 Trigger LOVED all the open space to Run and play!  There was one lady there that brought a ball for her dog.  She would throw it and about 4 dogs would go chasing after it.  Of course Trigger was one of the four!  He was a little smaller than the others, so they could run a little faster than him.  That did not bother him though!  He would chase the ball with the other dogs, come back with the pack, and then chase the ball again.  I don't think he ever actually brought the ball back, but he sure enjoyed being around the other dogs and running with them!
Trigger also loved being off leash and going where he wanted to.  

 Having a socialized puppy is very important to Jake and me.  We want Trigger to be friendly and socialized with other dogs, cats, children, and adults.  We are trying very hard to have a puppy that loves being around everyone!
 The dog park was the perfect place to take Trigger!! He enjoyed running, playing, fetching, and meeting other people and dogs!
 Trigger was VERY tired when we got home.  Jake and I were able to watch a movie while our sweet boy just slept on the couch!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 Part 2

 Poor Jake had to wait until two weeks after Valentine's Day to get his "gift."  On February 14th, I gave Jake the new James Bond Movie SkyFall.  Jake loves James Bond!  I also planned a date night and we watched SkyFall that evening.  Jake knew he had a larger gift coming, but I couldn't give it to him yet.
 I had planned a trip to the Goetze Farm in Chase City, VA.  Recently, Jake has been making comments about wanting to shoot his guns and go fishing.  So I planned this trip without him knowing about it.  He still didn't know where we were going the day we were supposed to leave!  I went home for lunch, packed our bags, and loaded up the car!  We did have plans that Friday evening, but we were still going to make the trip.  I had a girls movie night with the youth group, so Jake went and spent some time with his parents.  We both got home around 10:00 pm and I "kidnapped" him, told him where we were going, and he had a few last minute things he wanted to get, and then we were on our way!  Once he found out where we were going he wanted to grab his fishing poles and a few of his guns (that is why I wanted to tell him where we were going because I didn't know which specific "toys" he wanted to take).  We arrived at the Farm around 12:30 am Saturday morning.  After we slept in, we had a yummy french toast breakfast.  Jake had requested that we have french toast that weekend so I took all of the ingredients with us to the farm!

 It rained pretty much all day on Saturday, but we still had a BLAST!  We shot guns off the front porch and into the pond.  We actually made a game out of it and tried to see who could shoot the farthest.  We also watched the state basketball game (I actually took a nap while the game was on).  Saturday was such a relaxing day!

 A cold, rainy day is the PERFECT day for a fire!

Jake and I do not own a grill.  We are actually not allowed to have one at our apartment complex.  We took advantage of using the grill at the Farm and decided to grill steaks instead of going out to dinner!  My man is a GRILL MASTER!  Everything was delicious! 

We also let Trigger run around off his leash.  This is a big deal to me because growing up we NEVER let our dogs be off leash unless they were in a fence.  Trigger loved being off his leash!  He ran, chased birds, chased squirrels, and just enjoyed being loose!  Trigger loves being outside!  He was one happy puppy to be able to go where he wanted!  He obeys so well!  If he was getting too far away from us, all we had to do was whistle and he would come running toward the house!  

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!  The sun was out and Jake was able to go fishing while I made lunch.  After lunch we went on a gator ride around the property.  I was so thankful for this special time with my husband!  This weekend was ALL about him and the "outdoorsy" things he likes to do!

 What a fun weekend get away we had to celebrate Valentine's Day!!  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Valentines Day 2013 Part 1

Sorry I am a little late on this post! 

Jake was so sweet to me this year as he planned for me to receive something special on February 12th,13th,& 14th.  On February 12th, I heard a knock at the door at work.  I went and answered it because everyone else were in meetings.  At the door stood a delivery guy from Edible Arrangements and he held an "I Love you" balloon and a box of chocolate covered strawberries.  I was completely surprised and very excited.  Ironically, the guys I work with were giving me a hard time about it being our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and Jake would most likely forget about the day.  It was fun to show them that I was already being S.P.O.I.L.E.D. three days before Valentines Day.  (Most of the guys I work with had not even bought their wives ANYTHING yet.  My man was ahead of the game!)
 The next day (the 13th), I woke up and went into the kitchen and Jake had left me beautiful pink roses on the table.  He is so thoughtful!  I was so excited about them! 

 On Valentines Day, I came home from work and found a single rose, a gift certificate for an 80 minute deep tissue massage, and an extremely sweet hand written note from my handsome husband!  I was so very excited!

I am going to say that my sweet husband spoiled me this valentines day!  Come back tomorrow to find out what I did for him!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cuddly Puppy

Trigger is not usually a cuddly puppy.  He does not like to be held and he does not cuddle up close when sitting on the couch.  Cuddly is one of the things I was really looking forward to having when we adopted a small dog.  All of the people I know with small dogs have them sitting in their lap or cuddling when sitting on the couch and watching TV.  I have heard from many people that Trigger will become more cuddly as he gets older.

Jake knows how badly I want Trigger to want to sit in my lap.  I want him to want to be close to me.  One night I was at bible study and I get a picture text message from Jake with the picture above.  It says, "He loves me more!"  Jake said that Trigger just walked over, put his head up on Jake's hip, and fell asleep.  How sweet is this?

We have learned that when Trigger gets very sleepy he does become a little more cuddly!  Maybe as Trigger does get older he will want to cuddle more!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Push Ups

One Sunday, Jake and I had nursery and we only had Thomas.  It was almost time for Derek and Amanda to come get him, so we had already cleaned up the toys, and were trying to entertain him.  Jake was on the floor and randomly started doing push ups and Thomas tried to mock him.  It was pretty funny!  I was cheering them on and clapping and Thomas kept going!  It was great!  
 Thomas kept looking over at Jake to make sure he was doing exactly what Uncle Jake was doing.  I LOVE when little kids are in the copycat stage!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome Home!!

I just found these very sweet pictures when I was looking through my computer and remembered I had not blogged about them yet!  When we got home from our honeymoon my parents came over to our apartment with us to take pictures of Jake carrying me across the threshold.  

I love that we did some very traditional things around our wedding!! I am also thankful that my parents would come to our apartment around 9:30 pm just to get these special pictures!