Friday, April 5, 2013

Relaxing Saturday

 My man loves to fish as I have mentioned many times before and any spare minute he has, he wants to fish.  We were headed over to his parents house Saturday evening and the pond is about half way between our apartment and their house.  So, we left early and spent a few hours by the pond.

 We let Trigger run off leash, which of course made me SUPER nervous, but he did great! He listened when he was called and did not bother the ducks too much.
 This was Trigger's first time seeing a fish.  He actually got really close to smell it and the fish squirmed and hit Trigger in the nose with his tail.  After this experience Trigger would not look at or go close to any of the fish that Jake caught.
I love this picture! Trigger wanted to be right with Jake all the time, until Jake caught a fish, of course!  Then he would just run away! Isn't God's creation just beautiful?!?

 On our way to Jake's parent's house we had our windows rolled down and Trigger wanted to stick his head out the window.  His hair was REALLY long and I thought it was funny how it looked with the wind blowing in his face.

I love Saturdays where we get to relax and be together!

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