Friday, August 31, 2012

Goetze Family Pictures

Goetze Family

I love Thomas' face in this picture!!! Makes me laugh every time!
All Because Two People Fell in Love!!!

All the Boys

FINALLY a Goetze Girl!!! 

4 Original Goetze Kids

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can you Find Trigger?

Trigger LOVES to get under our bed.  There is NOTHING under there but an extra pillow, so there is nothing he can get into.  This past weekend, I was cleaning and I was paying very close attention to him.  I bought him a dog tag and between his dog tag and his rabies tag he has a little jingle every where he goes.  I was doing laundry and realized I didn't hear his little jingle.  I went tippy toeing through our apartment and I could not find him, so I called his name and he came out from under the bed.  I checked around to make sure he had not been chewing on the bed posts.  He had not, so I went back to doing laundry.  Once again I realized that I could not hear him.  I tippy toed through the living room and into our bedroom and looked under the bed and he was ASLEEP under our bed.  I think he enjoys being under there because it is dark.  Then, this past Sunday, Jake and I were getting ready for church and were not paying Trigger too much attention and when I looked at him, he was watching us just like this.  He just melts my heart!  Isn't he so cute???

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


6 YEARS!!! CRAZY!  Jake and I have talked about the year 2012 since we were seniors in high school! Jake gave me a promise ring on our one year dating anniversary and we have talked about the Summer of '12 ever since!  Here are pictures from every year we have been together!
My first NCSU football game (Jake and I were not officially dating at this point.  He asked me to be his girlfriend about a week later.
At the Farm in VA.  Jake and I have spent MUCH time here.  
Derek and Amanda's wedding
Freshman year at North Greenville University
2010 My 20th Birthday
Last Summer with Faison as my last name!
FINALLY MR. & Mrs. Jacob William Goetze

I hope all of you enjoyed looking back through the six wonderful years Jake and I have been together!  As fun as dating was....I am so glad we are finally married!   

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

July 4th

The week of July 4th was a hard week.  My uncle Jimmy passed away on July 3rd, so that was was full of tears and family!  It was fun spending time with my dad's side of the family, but I wish it was under different circumstances.  Everyone gathered at my parents house, and once everyone left, Jake and I went to the Rolesville Fireworks.  We missed the Wake Forest ones and its not July 4th without FIREWORKS!  We had a great time sitting on Jake's tail gait in the CVS parking lot!  This was such a fun night!  
My handsome husband and Me

 I love fireworks and I look forward to them every year!  I love all the pretty colors against the dark night sky! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Brad Paisley Concert

Friday night Jake, Patrick (Jake's younger brother), and I went to the Brad Paisley concert.  It was awesome!! Jake and I love country music and have listened to it our whole life.  We grew up listening to Brad Paisley, so it was fun getting to see him in concert.  The Band Perry and Easton Corbin joined Brad and Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood made appearances!  It really was a great concert!  Brad is mostly known for how awesome he is on the guitar!  I didn't realize all of the solos he plays in his songs!  He has so much talent!  

(Sorry the pictures are so blurry!  I tried to zoom in with my iPhone and it was dark!)

What a fun date night with my awesome husband!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Top of Our Wedding Cake

After our wedding, we were highly advised to eat the topper of our wedding cake ONE month after we got married instead of waiting for one year.  Everyone said if we waited until one year, the frosting would be nasty.  Since we only had one bite of our cake on our wedding day and then had another bite the next morning before getting on the airplane, we decided that we wanted to enjoy our cake.  I was really excited about eating our cake because EVERYONE said how delicious it was.  Some people told us is was the best wedding cake they had ever eaten and some people went back for seconds!!!  I'm going to be honest, our wedding day was so crazy and there were so many people we were talking to, I do not even remember how the cake tasted the day of.  Then we were in such a hurry to get to the air port that Sunday morning, I can honestly say I can't remember the taste.  Well I can promise you I know what it taste like now! When I say Jake and I enjoyed eating the top of our cake, we had a slice almost everyday until it was GONE!  

I thought our wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL!  Mrs. Teresa O'Neal, one of Jake's groomsmen's mom and long time friend of the Goetze family, made our cake!  I could not have been more pleased with the way it turned out!  I could not find a cake exactly like I wanted that I could take a picture to show to her.  So, I took her about five pictures and showed her things I liked on many different cakes!  She put everything together and... WOWZA...she NAILED it!!!    
Our Beautiful Wedding Cake
Unwrapping the topper of our Wedding Cake

YAY!  Our cake!  Very excited to have an entire slice and not just a bite!
Taking the ribbon off so we could cut into the Yummy Goodness!
AHHH...finally!  This is most likely the largest piece of cake I have ever had by myself.  I would have to agree with everyone at our wedding and say Even a month after our wedding, this cake still tasted delicious!  Oh and we really had to do it up right and drink Mountain Dew!  JUST LIKE OUR WEDDING DAY!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Fisherman

Jacob loves to fish!  We were on our way to his softball game and realized we were a little early, so we decided to stop by the pond at his brothers house.  Anytime Jake has a spare minute, fishing is the first thing that comes to his mind.  In fact, he leaves a fishing pole in his truck at all times in case he does have a few extra minutes.  On this particular trip, Jake caught two fish.  He was a little disappointed because we were out there about 45 minutes and he wished he would have caught more.  He caught his two fish in the last 10 minutes we were out there, so it was had for me to make him leave.  Thankfully we were on the way to his softball game, so he wasn't too disappointed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hangin' with the Reids

Jake and I had so much fun hanging out with the Reid kiddos while Paul and Allison went out for their anniversary.  We had pizza, went swimming at the pool at our apartment, and then finished off the night watching Funniest Home Videos!  It was a very fun night!! Here is a video of Jake throwing all three kids.  I think this put Jake at the top of the Reid kids lists, as if they didn't think he was cool enough already!!! Make sure to pay attention to Graham's flip!! 

Monday, August 20, 2012


Jake and I got a puppy!  His name is Trigger and he is the sweetest thing EVER!!  Most of you have heard this story, but when Amanda (Jake's sister) got pregnant she was telling us things that she couldn't have and caffeine was in her list.  As soon as she said that, Jake looks at me and says, "When you get pregnant you can't have Mountain Dew because it has so much caffeine!"  I responded, "Yes I can, they make caffeine free Mountain Dew and I can't tell a difference!"  Most of you know Mountain Dew is my favorite soft drink.  I grew up drinking it and I just love it.  The conversation continued and by the end, Jake pretty much did not believe that when I get pregnant I will just give up Mountain Dew...No questions asked and no time needed.  Well I wanted to prove him wrong, so we came up with a little bet and he said that if I would give up Mountain Dew for a year then I could get a puppy.  I gave up Mountain Dew from June 9, 2011 and then we toasted with it at our reception June 9, 2012.  We now have our sweet Trigger!  

Story behind his name:  Jake and I talked about getting a puppy for a long time and had decided we would name our puppy Ozzie.  We were pretty set on this name until the day before we bought Trigger.  Jake came home from work that Friday afternoon and said, "If we are going to have a small, girly dog, he needs a cool name.  How about Trigger?  Its one of the smallest parts of the gun!"  I LOVED it.  So Trigger it is!      
This is the day we bought him!  When we took him to the vet a few days later he weighed 3.5 pounds!! He is so cute!
Trigger is such a sweet boy!! He learns very quickly!  He already knows how to sit, lay down, shake, roll over, and play dead.  He will also get in his crate at night when it is time to go to sleep without me having to force him in, and he is almost potty trained.  We have only had a few accidents.
Isn't he just the cutest?? In this picture he weights about 4.5 pounds.  He should only get to be around 10 pounds.   He makes us laugh everyday and we love training him!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Stony Hill Softball

Jake and I played on our church softball team this summer.  Let me just put this out there...I L.O.V.E. to WATCH baseball/softball but playing it is a different story!  I really did have a good time.  Our team was a lot of fun to play with and I look forward to playing next summer too!
Up at Bat! 
Jake and others watching whoever is batting
Our Awesome team!! 
Stony Hill Spirit!

Thanks Julie Brown for being our team Photographer!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Before and After

Leading up to the wedding, I really wanted to grow my hair out so I could wear it half up/half down and curly.  As the wedding got closer and the longer my hear became, it got on my nerves.  It was hot, it hang flat, it took forever to blow dry, I would curl the ends under with a curling iron so it would have a little body, etc.  It was time for a change.  I spent weeks looking up hair styles that I liked and Jake and I finally decided on one.  Jake really likes my hair long, but he understood why I wanted it cut and I told him I would get it cut in a style that he liked.  So off to the salon I went looking like this...
 and came home looking like this!!! 
I like my short hair because its easier to take care of, it looks healthy, its cooler, etc.  Do I miss my long hair?  YES!!! I will most likely grow it back out.  This is the shortest my hair has E.V.E.R. been and I am really thankful my hair grows fast!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Someone Had my iPhone...

On our wedding day, my phone was the last thing I had on my mind.  After our awesome "get-away" car took us all the way home, Jake got a phone call from my dad saying that I had left my phone in the room all the girls got ready in and that the Livingston's had it.  Little did I know that they had taken a bunch of pictures and here they are!!! :o) Enjoy!