Monday, March 25, 2013

Dog Park

Trigger is such a social little puppy!  I am so thankful for such a kid hearted little pup!  This was Trigger's first trip to the dog park and it went so well!  I was a little nervous to begin with mostly because I do not trust other dogs.  Trigger is the type of dog that will just go up to another dog and start playing.  Not all dogs are friendly and do not like it with other dogs come up and want to play.  
 Thankfully, the dog park we went to is separated into large and small dog sections.  This made me a little more comfortable as most of the dogs were around Trigger's size!
 Trigger LOVED all the open space to Run and play!  There was one lady there that brought a ball for her dog.  She would throw it and about 4 dogs would go chasing after it.  Of course Trigger was one of the four!  He was a little smaller than the others, so they could run a little faster than him.  That did not bother him though!  He would chase the ball with the other dogs, come back with the pack, and then chase the ball again.  I don't think he ever actually brought the ball back, but he sure enjoyed being around the other dogs and running with them!
Trigger also loved being off leash and going where he wanted to.  

 Having a socialized puppy is very important to Jake and me.  We want Trigger to be friendly and socialized with other dogs, cats, children, and adults.  We are trying very hard to have a puppy that loves being around everyone!
 The dog park was the perfect place to take Trigger!! He enjoyed running, playing, fetching, and meeting other people and dogs!
 Trigger was VERY tired when we got home.  Jake and I were able to watch a movie while our sweet boy just slept on the couch!

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