Friday, March 22, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 Part 2

 Poor Jake had to wait until two weeks after Valentine's Day to get his "gift."  On February 14th, I gave Jake the new James Bond Movie SkyFall.  Jake loves James Bond!  I also planned a date night and we watched SkyFall that evening.  Jake knew he had a larger gift coming, but I couldn't give it to him yet.
 I had planned a trip to the Goetze Farm in Chase City, VA.  Recently, Jake has been making comments about wanting to shoot his guns and go fishing.  So I planned this trip without him knowing about it.  He still didn't know where we were going the day we were supposed to leave!  I went home for lunch, packed our bags, and loaded up the car!  We did have plans that Friday evening, but we were still going to make the trip.  I had a girls movie night with the youth group, so Jake went and spent some time with his parents.  We both got home around 10:00 pm and I "kidnapped" him, told him where we were going, and he had a few last minute things he wanted to get, and then we were on our way!  Once he found out where we were going he wanted to grab his fishing poles and a few of his guns (that is why I wanted to tell him where we were going because I didn't know which specific "toys" he wanted to take).  We arrived at the Farm around 12:30 am Saturday morning.  After we slept in, we had a yummy french toast breakfast.  Jake had requested that we have french toast that weekend so I took all of the ingredients with us to the farm!

 It rained pretty much all day on Saturday, but we still had a BLAST!  We shot guns off the front porch and into the pond.  We actually made a game out of it and tried to see who could shoot the farthest.  We also watched the state basketball game (I actually took a nap while the game was on).  Saturday was such a relaxing day!

 A cold, rainy day is the PERFECT day for a fire!

Jake and I do not own a grill.  We are actually not allowed to have one at our apartment complex.  We took advantage of using the grill at the Farm and decided to grill steaks instead of going out to dinner!  My man is a GRILL MASTER!  Everything was delicious! 

We also let Trigger run around off his leash.  This is a big deal to me because growing up we NEVER let our dogs be off leash unless they were in a fence.  Trigger loved being off his leash!  He ran, chased birds, chased squirrels, and just enjoyed being loose!  Trigger loves being outside!  He was one happy puppy to be able to go where he wanted!  He obeys so well!  If he was getting too far away from us, all we had to do was whistle and he would come running toward the house!  

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!  The sun was out and Jake was able to go fishing while I made lunch.  After lunch we went on a gator ride around the property.  I was so thankful for this special time with my husband!  This weekend was ALL about him and the "outdoorsy" things he likes to do!

 What a fun weekend get away we had to celebrate Valentine's Day!!  

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  1. Sounds like so much fun!!! I'm also so glad to read all your new posts lately :-)