Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can you Find Trigger?

Trigger LOVES to get under our bed.  There is NOTHING under there but an extra pillow, so there is nothing he can get into.  This past weekend, I was cleaning and I was paying very close attention to him.  I bought him a dog tag and between his dog tag and his rabies tag he has a little jingle every where he goes.  I was doing laundry and realized I didn't hear his little jingle.  I went tippy toeing through our apartment and I could not find him, so I called his name and he came out from under the bed.  I checked around to make sure he had not been chewing on the bed posts.  He had not, so I went back to doing laundry.  Once again I realized that I could not hear him.  I tippy toed through the living room and into our bedroom and looked under the bed and he was ASLEEP under our bed.  I think he enjoys being under there because it is dark.  Then, this past Sunday, Jake and I were getting ready for church and were not paying Trigger too much attention and when I looked at him, he was watching us just like this.  He just melts my heart!  Isn't he so cute???

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