Thursday, August 16, 2012

Before and After

Leading up to the wedding, I really wanted to grow my hair out so I could wear it half up/half down and curly.  As the wedding got closer and the longer my hear became, it got on my nerves.  It was hot, it hang flat, it took forever to blow dry, I would curl the ends under with a curling iron so it would have a little body, etc.  It was time for a change.  I spent weeks looking up hair styles that I liked and Jake and I finally decided on one.  Jake really likes my hair long, but he understood why I wanted it cut and I told him I would get it cut in a style that he liked.  So off to the salon I went looking like this...
 and came home looking like this!!! 
I like my short hair because its easier to take care of, it looks healthy, its cooler, etc.  Do I miss my long hair?  YES!!! I will most likely grow it back out.  This is the shortest my hair has E.V.E.R. been and I am really thankful my hair grows fast!

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