Monday, August 13, 2012

No Gas...

During wedding week we were SUPER busy.  We drove to Michael's multiple times to pick up anything last minute we needed.  Well...I had driven my car all over Raleigh and knew that I needed to stop VERY soon to get gas.  I am the type of person that I will drive until my gas light comes on and then I will drive at least one more day before I fill up.  

This was Thursday, and I knew my two out of town bridesmaids were coming.  Vanessa and I were headed to drop her things off at the apartment and about a mile before the apartment I ran out of gas.  Perfect way to start off wedding weekend! I was very thankful that Vanessa was following me.  I just pulled over, put my flashers on and ran and got in her car.  She was super confused and didn't know what was going on.  

While we were having car issues, my mom was waiting for us at Los Tres Magueyes in Wake Forest and we were supposed to meet with our vocalist after supper.  Boy were we in a hurry!  Here are the events that happened next...

1) We had to go buy a gas can and fill it up.  Well the gas can we bought was SUPER complicated!  I had never seen one that had so many steps before you could fill it up.  It was crazy!
2) Next, we had to take the gas can back to my car and fill it up.  Apparently, this "High Tech" gas can was harder than we though to close.  When I started pouring the gas, it started coming out and running all over my shoes!  We knew we needed help, but there was NO ONE to help us!
3)  Thankfully we saw this nice man round the corner!  I ran up to him (I probably scared him a little haha) and asked him if he would help!  He was pretty fun and kept laughing with us.  He really didn't want to have his picture taken and he only gave in because we told him it was my wedding week and we were trying to document everything that happened!
What an eventful day this was!  It is definitely a day I would never forget.  I must add this is the FIRST time I have ever ran out of gas and hopefully it will be my last!

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