Friday, August 24, 2012

Top of Our Wedding Cake

After our wedding, we were highly advised to eat the topper of our wedding cake ONE month after we got married instead of waiting for one year.  Everyone said if we waited until one year, the frosting would be nasty.  Since we only had one bite of our cake on our wedding day and then had another bite the next morning before getting on the airplane, we decided that we wanted to enjoy our cake.  I was really excited about eating our cake because EVERYONE said how delicious it was.  Some people told us is was the best wedding cake they had ever eaten and some people went back for seconds!!!  I'm going to be honest, our wedding day was so crazy and there were so many people we were talking to, I do not even remember how the cake tasted the day of.  Then we were in such a hurry to get to the air port that Sunday morning, I can honestly say I can't remember the taste.  Well I can promise you I know what it taste like now! When I say Jake and I enjoyed eating the top of our cake, we had a slice almost everyday until it was GONE!  

I thought our wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL!  Mrs. Teresa O'Neal, one of Jake's groomsmen's mom and long time friend of the Goetze family, made our cake!  I could not have been more pleased with the way it turned out!  I could not find a cake exactly like I wanted that I could take a picture to show to her.  So, I took her about five pictures and showed her things I liked on many different cakes!  She put everything together and... WOWZA...she NAILED it!!!    
Our Beautiful Wedding Cake
Unwrapping the topper of our Wedding Cake

YAY!  Our cake!  Very excited to have an entire slice and not just a bite!
Taking the ribbon off so we could cut into the Yummy Goodness!
AHHH...finally!  This is most likely the largest piece of cake I have ever had by myself.  I would have to agree with everyone at our wedding and say Even a month after our wedding, this cake still tasted delicious!  Oh and we really had to do it up right and drink Mountain Dew!  JUST LIKE OUR WEDDING DAY!!


  1. Great idea about only waiting one month! We waited a year. Not very good a year later. :)

    Beautiful cake!

  2. Good idea we waited the year and it was good, but I think we would have enjoyed it better after only a month :) Congrats on being smart

  3. It was a beautiful cake and I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy it while it was still good!!!

  4. We waited 1 month too!! Our was still really good too!! =) love you SNL!! =)