Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Cookies

I love it when Janessa comes over.  My mama always has something fun planned and I am so glad they invite Jake and I to be part of it!  I love to see my mama re-using fun things that Scott and I did growing up and seeing them from a different angle!  Being a grown up and watching how much joy and child has when making cookies is awesome!  Its the little things in life that we look back on and smile.  I hope one day Janessa will look back on the fun time we had making cookies and remember how much fun we had!  
Using the rolling pin to flatten the dough!  Look at that concentration!  She would blow out her cheeks like it was hard work!
Using cookie cutters!
Proud of her cookie cutter pumpkin!
Gran Gran helping to pull away the extra dough
Look at that face!! We all had so much fun making pumpkin and ghost cookies!
Look at all those cookies!!!
Added a little frosting to make them taste better!
Janessa frosting her own cookie!
And this is why we didn't let her help with ours! :o) JK
Adding sprinkles!  Funny Story:  When mom first opened the sprinkles and handed them to Janessa, mom said, "Shake it, Shake it."  Well to a very literal almost 3 year old...SHE SHOOK IT!  Straight up and down!  Sprinkles went EVERYWHERE!!  We all started laughing!  This is when mama added a little assistance! 
Finished pumpkin cookie!
Very proud of her cookie!


  1. How fun! And I bet those cookies were delicious!

  2. Family traditions...the best! Looks like she had a ball!