Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Granny's Soup

My Granny makes the best vegetable soup I have ever had!  I do not enjoy many vegetables and Jake likes more than I do, but neither one of us like a huge variety of vegetables. We both enjoy green beans and corn and Jake will eat some okra and broccoli.  Vegetables are not our favorite.  So it is a little ironic that my favorite soup is my Granny's vegetable soup!  There are peas, butter beans, corn, onions, and a few other vegetables I'm sure.  To say that Jake and I both love this soup is an understatement!  We like to wait until it gets cold to start eating soup and I just couldn't wait any longer!  This is definitely a Faison favorite!! When we go over to Granny's to celebrate Christmas this is our meal of choice.  We have Granny's soup and hot ham and cheese!  Oh how I love family traditions!

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  1. This makes me smile :) Isn't it so much fun to recreate special, family recipes? Love reading through all of yalls adventures!!