Monday, October 1, 2012

10 Things We Love About being Newlyweds

Happy October Everyone!!! I am very excited for all the Holiday festivities that take place now through the end of the year!

1.  I love coming home to Jake when I get off work.  I enjoy seeing him in the morning and in the evening.  I see him everyday, no questions asked, no curfews, I enjoy being with him.

2.  I enjoy cooking!  I love cooking for my husband!  To be honest...Jake cooks more than I do.  He gets home from work about 30 minutes earlier than I do and he is sweet enough to start dinner.  Normally by the time I get home, it is already finished.

3.  I enjoy how encouraging Jake is about staying active.  Now that we are married, have jobs, and do other activities during the week, it is hard to find times to work out.  Even if we get home late, we will leash Trigger up and take a walk together around our apartment complex.  It might not be an intense workout, but its better than sitting on the couch!

4.  I LOVE that we no longer have to pray together over the phone.  Throughout our relationship, Jake and I have had a special time together at night where we pray for each other, family, school, work, etc.  It is so nice to be able to sit on the couch or lay in bed and pray together.

5. We enjoy taking trips together without chaperones! I know this is a given, but during our six years of being together we have taken many trips together.  Each time the trip has included many family members.  Although we LOVE our family members and we enjoy spending time with them, it is also fun to take trips just the two of us!

Jacob  (Much shorter and sweeter than mine! lol)
1. Spending time together
2. Never leaving each others side
3. Coming home to Lauren in the evenings
4. Watching movies together on our couch
5.  Cooking for Lauren

Funny how some of our "Things" are very similar!!! Happy Monday everyone!

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