Monday, October 8, 2012


A few weekends ago, I bought pumpkins and took them to my parents house and we decorated them.  This is the first time we have ever painted/carved pumpkins with Janessa.  She had the best time...shoot we all did!!! I really wanted a pumpkin to put outside our apartment door and thought it would be fun for everyone to participate!

Janessa watching Gran Gran put a face on her pumpkin

Soctt was the only one that wanted to carve his pumpkin.  
Janessa painting "hair" on her pumpkin.  Of course its pink!! She is such a girly girl just like her Aunt Lucy!

Scott Still hard at work!
Janessa hard at work!
More Hair!
The final product!  We had to make sure it looked like a girl pumpkin!  She wanted her pumpkin to have a BOW!
Me hard at work on our "G" pumpkin
Granny said she was NEVER invited to do pumpkins with us and she was excited to finally get an invite!  She over saw Scott, since he had to use big knifes! HA!
The finished product!  The scary side of Scott's pumpkin
The finished products with Janessa's initials carved.  Pretty impressed?? The "B"  was the hardest letter to carve!  We all had to be creative and help with it!!

 Overall we had such a good time painting and carving pumpkins.  I have a feeling this will become something we do every year!!! I can only imagine one day having ALL of the grandkids sitting around my parents table carving and painting pumpkins!!  Oh the things we have to look forward to!! 
Our Front Door!!! 

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