Friday, September 28, 2012

Children, Children Everywhere!

I enjoy taking Trigger to Jake's softball games.  One of the main reasons I do is to get him around children.  I want him to be comfortable around children of all ages.  
 I was walking him around before Jake's game so he would sit on my lap during the game and we came up on about 10 young girls playing duck-duck-goose.  As soon as they saw him they all yelled, "PUPPY!" and came running over.  
  Trigger was such a good sport.  He did not run away when all these little feet were coming toward him!  The girls were in his face, rubbing him, playing with him, picking him up, etc.  He was such a great puppy!  He gave them kisses, rolled over and let them scratch his belly, etc.
 Trigger is becoming such a social little puppy and I am so thankful!  We are trying to socialize him as much as possible.  We want Trigger to be comfortable around children, so that when we have our own it will not be such a big transition.


  1. Trigger is such a cute little puppy - no wonder he gets so much attention :)

  2. Trigger is such a good boy! And that is great that you take him with you to games, he looks like a social butterfly!