Friday, November 2, 2012

Date Night In

Hot Chocolate is one of my favorite things when it is cold outside!  We have not turned the heat on at our apartment yet, so it is also cold inside (between 62-65 degrees).  After supper, we were trying to decide what to do!! It was our first night with nothing to do in quite a while, since Jake's softball season is over, so we decided to have a date night in!  

We did not have any instant hot chocolate, so I used milk and chocolate syrup (which in my opinion is better anyway) and we were set! 

 We cuddled up on the couch with our mugs and our Trigger boy and enjoyed a night of relaxing which was MUCH needed!
Our...well MY movie of choice was Miss Congeniality 2.  I have watched the first one MULTIPLE times, but I had never seen the second.  I'v got to was HILARIOUS!! 

We had such a fun time spending our evening together!! We were both in our pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, and cuddling!  I'm not sure how is could have gotten better!

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