Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pedicures with Aunt Lucy

Have I mentioned how much I love being an Aunt?? I love spending time with with this little girl!! While I was at my parents this weekend Janessa found the Pedicure set we have that includes a inflatable foot bath, heart shaped soap flakes, and toe separators (for painting).  Oh boy...when she found this did she get excited!! She begged for us to "Give her feet a bath" all through supper.  When it was finally time to "Give her feet a bath" she was super excited!  
Did I mention we let her sit on the counter while her feet were soaking??
 Then we started playing in the bubbles!! 
Then it was time to dry off and PAINT!!!  We TRIED to use the toe separator things but her little feet were too small.
Pretty Toes!!! Trigger even got his little foot in the picture!

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