Monday, November 19, 2012


My man LOVES to hunt, fish, ride four wheelers, etc.  He just loves to be outdoors!  Just about every Saturday for the past month, he has gotten up and been in a field somewhere between 5-6 AM! (YES AM).  One particular morning, I woke up with a text telling me he shot two does!! With his brothers help, they cleaned and took both deer to the processor.  I am so thankful for this because we now have a freezer full of deer steaks, sausage, and burger!  AWESOME!

On Veteran's Day, Jake had off work and my brother did not have to be at work until 11:00 AM.  Can you guess what they decided to do?? GO HUNTING!! Scott spent the night at our apartment and they got up and left around 4:30 AM!! (Is it really that much fun???) They shot a Cow Horn Buck.  This means the buck's antlers did not branch out.  There were two that went straight out.  Pretty cool!  

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