Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Birthdays

As our family grows, it is getting harder and harder to celebrate everyone's individual birthday.  We have started having one celebration for that Month.  This time it was November birthdays.  Granny and Janessa share a birthday on November 8th and my Birthday is November 20th.  We had such a great time with family!! It was fun to spend the evening with family!  
The Birthday Girls
 Janessa opening one of her presents 
 Janessa helping granny open her presents
 Janessa helping Aunt Lucy open presents
 Our Cake!! 
 Birthday girls blowing out candles
 Licking the candles is one of the best parts!!!
 Janessa turned 3!! (Notice the 3 Candle)
Granny and Me

This was such a fun way to celebrate our birthday!! I am so thankful for family and how much fun we have spending time together!!  I am so glad I share a birthday with my Granny and my Niece! 

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  1. I didn't realize Janessa was born on Maimie's birthday! How fun for the 3 of you to celebrate together! Love your family!