Friday, November 16, 2012

Going for a Walk

Trigger LOVES to go on walks!  When we are not home, Trigger stays in the bathroom with a baby gate.  I try to come home a few times a week for lunch and take him on walks or just get him out and play with him for a few minutes so that he is not stuck in the bathroom all day!  This is especially true when we have another activity in the evening like AWANA or something!   

When we get ready to go, I ask him, "Trigger do you want to go on a walk?" and he will run/scamper over to wear we keep his leash and look up at it!  It is the cutest thing!  Then we put on his harness (it looks like a life jacket!).  When we first got him, he did not like putting on his harness.  I do not unclip the top part and I make him put his head through the hole and then I velcro the part around his mid section.  Now, I sit on my knees and he puts his front two paws on my knees and pokes his little nose through the hole!  It is too cute!  
Most times when we take Trigger on a walk, we are trying to get some energy out so we can watch a movie or something.  Depending on whats going on that night, we will power walk or jog and he is super excited to do either.  We also use this time as training so he will learn to let Jake or me set the pace instead of pulling on the leash (but we sometimes still have trouble with this depending on how excited he is). 

He is such a good boy and is learning very quickly!! I am so thankful that we picked a puppy that WANTS to please us and is not stubborn.  
 I sure do love my Trigger Boy!

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