Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunshine Award

Hello everyone!! I am been awarded the Sunshine Award by Rebecca at Rebecca's Random Ramblings.

Here are the rules: 

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
THANKS REBECCA!!! (The link is above)

2.  Place the Sunshine Award on your Blog.
(here it is)

3.  Answer the questions about yourself that can be found on the blog of the person that nominated you.

4.  Nominate others for the award!

So.. Here we go!

1.  What is your favorite Holiday Movie? 
Well.. I'm going to be honest... I LOVE all Hallmark holiday movies.  If there is a turkey or a christmas tree in it and the two main characters are in love by the end of the movie... Its a favorite!  But I guess if I had to pick just one... It would be Elf.  When Jake and I started dating in 2006 we watched Elf together around Christmas and it instantly became a tradition.  Every year since we pick a night and watch Elf together!

2.  What is your favorite flower?  
A Gerbera Daisy is my favorite flower.  I love how bright and happy they are!! 

3.  What is your favorite Drink?
Mountain Dew! At work we call it my Liquid Encouragement!

4.  What is your passion?
I love being a wife, learning how to be a better wife, training Trigger, and planning for our future.  So I guess my passion is family!  I love to be surrounded with current family and planning for future family members! :o)

5.  What is your favorite time of the year?
My favorite time of the year is from my birthday (November 20th) through New Years!  It may be because thats the time period we are in right now, but I just LOVE and enjoy this time of year so much!  It means being surrounded with family and doing family traditions!!  I am really looking forward to starting new traditions with Jake!

6.  What is your favorite time of the day?
My favorite time of the day would have to be after we have eaten supper and after all the dishes are finished being washed.  At this point, we normally go to the couch and either watch a movie or a funny show on TV.  We finally get to relax after a long day at work and cooking/cleaning up from supper!

7.  What is your favorite physical activity?
I love to dance!  I do not have much rhythm, but it sure is more fun than going to the gym and lifting weights or running.  I am a HUGE fan of Zumba!  I also enjoy doing aerobics.  This isn't really dancing, but it is done to music and has "steps".  Anything that is fast paced, has music, doesn't feel like working out but am having fun, and I am burning calories... I'm in!

8.  What is your favorite vacation spot?
My newest and most favorite vacation spot would have to be where we went on our Honeymoon, the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico!  OH MY WORD!  I have never been to an All Inclusive Resort before, but I really hope we can one day afford to go back!! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!

I hope all of you enjoyed learning a little about me!!  So now it's time for me to nominate my followers for the Sunshine Award!!

Hannah @ Days With Dante

Lauren @ Life As A Wife

Tara @ The Dew Family

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  1. I loved reading all your answers, Lauren!

    And thanks so much for the award! I'll hopefully have it posted within the week!