Monday, September 17, 2012

Playa Mujeres, Mexico Honeymoon Day 1

This week is all about our Honeymoon!!

We had to be at the airport by 6:00 am!  CRAZY early, but we made it!
AHH Finally on the first plane around 8:00 am!
I have not flown very much, so when we were taking off I had my camera out! I didn't even realize I wasn't supposed to! opps!
Look how tiny the houses are!! 
Pretty Clouds
Loved seeing the shore line while up in the plane!
When we got to the airport, our travel agent had arranged for our ride from the air port to the resort.  We enjoyed seeing signs for our resort!
The closer we got, the more detailed the signs were!
FINALLY the entrance!  We had to go through two gates and they had to check our names off a list.  We felt very safe! 
We came up to this circle between gate #1 and gate #2.  This was the bumpiest ride ever!  It was one of those, "Well this looked neat...until we had to drive on it!" 
The Lobby.  When we signed in at the front desk, it was the first time I officially signed my name as Lauren Goetze! 
Next, they gave us our room key and our bellman showed us where our room was located.  When we walked up, we had a Honeymoon banner!
The first thing I saw after walking into our room was the Jacuzzi!  I was super excited about this!  There was a curtain to the inside of the room, and a sliding glass door so we could open it at night.  
In the cabinet is the refrigerator and if you notice the stairs, that leads you to our private terrace (more pictures below) 
Our bed with our towel animal!
Beautiful bathroom!  I LOVE all the marble!  To the right is a double shower that is also all marble! 
On the balcony!
OUR PRIVATE TERRACE!!!  We had a private pool and two day beds!!! OHHH yeah!!! This was AWESOME!!! ohhh and room service would bring us food to the terrace! SOO cool!
My awesome photographer husband took this photo! 
  These are the pictures we wanted to take before everything looked "lived in" to show how beautiful our room was.  We LOVED where we went on our honeymoon and would HIGHLY recommend it!


  1. What an incredible place to stay!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am really impressed!! So very nice!!

  3. I love the room!! So beautiful....I would want to stay there all day!!