Friday, September 14, 2012

The Reception

We are finally husband and wife and now we get to celebrate!! 
Introduced the second time as Mr. and Mrs. Jacob William Goetze!  Right before this picture was taken, I was upset that my bustle was not fixed.  Now my mom and I laugh about it, but it was not very funny at the time! haha
First dance!
Father Daughter Dance...I love my daddy!
Mother Son Dance.  I LOVE how Jacob loves his mama!
Cutting the Cake
My First taste of Mountain Dew in Over a year!
Garter Toss
Bouquet toss!
All the Single Ladies!
Aunt Mac caught my bouquet!  I LOVE everyone laughing in the background as this was the most humorous part of our reception!

Kenneth caught my garter, but we don't have any pictures! As tradition has it, the single man who catches the garter must put it on the leg of the single lady who catches the bouquet.  As he was slipping the garter up her leg she kept saying, "WOAHH WOAHH!!" It was hilarious! 
My Great Aunt Mac caught the bouquet and Jake's oldest brother Kenneth caught the garter
As the reception came to an end, the song "Would You Go With Me" by Josh Turner was played and that was our cue that it was time to leave.  We ran through bubbles and we split one last time and gave our parents a hug before we drove off! 

Our Get-Away car! 
Off we go!!!

Come back next week to hear all about our Honeymoon!

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