Monday, September 10, 2012

The Missing Groom and Groomsmen

....And the wedding memories continue!  We have ANOTHER week all about the wedding!! There is just so much that happened and I don't want to forget any of it! promised...What did the Groom and Groomsmen do after the rehearsal dinner? They went to Kenneth's house (Jake's brother) and played some poker.  Yes there was some gambling and guess who won! JACOB!!! YEAH for $70 bucks.  Well not really...they all went out to Waffle House and Jake bought everyone's meal with the money he won!  How Sweet.  Then Jake's younger brother, Patrick said, "How about we go to the BEACH!!!"  This was around 4:00 AM!  So, everyone piled into Kenneth's truck and they drove down to the beach.  If you are wondering...Yes..they did listen to the youngest one in the group!  So I have been told...all they did was drive to the beach, walk out on the sand, ask someone to take their picture, go to the bathroom, and pile back into the truck and were home by 8:00 AM for breakfast.    
As you might be wondering, what did I do when I found out they went to the Beach?  Well, I was posting on Facebook that it was my wedding day and how excited I was, etc.  When I was scrolling down my news feed...i saw the picture.  I flew into my parents room, waking up Janessa (I forgot she was sleeping in there OOPS), telling my mom that all the boys went to the beach!! All we could do was laugh!  It definitely added to our wedding day story!    

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  1. Nothing like sharing your poker winnings, treating to Waffle House and then going to the beach. I'd say that was a fun time! Enjoying your blog, Lauren.