Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding Week! Bridal Shower at Grandma B's

This week is going to be ALL about the wedding! From bridal showers, to getting ready for the wedding, and wedding day!  I have been waiting so long to put this up on blog and I want to get it up before I forget any of the details!  I know I will enjoy looking back and reading all about our wedding process!

I had a total of 3 bridal showers.  This shower was at Jake's Grandma B's house.  This was such a fun shower.  We had family come all the way from Virginia to come and celebrate with Jake and me.  
Just a few people from the shower!
Me and our sweet Nephew Thomas
PERFECT orange and pink gerbera daisy napkins that Mrs. Debra found for the shower
Food table!  There was also a table in the kitchen filled with food!
Such a special picture!  My mom, Granny, and Jake's Grandma B.
Gift Table!  We received so many gifts we almost ran out of room on the table!  Jake and I are so thankful for everything we received at our showers!
  Thank you to the Goetze family for showering us with love as we begin our journey in life together!  Everything we received is being put to great use!  


  1. I loved the decorations and the refreshments looked yummy. I'd say you are one blessed couple.

  2. Second try, Lauren. First one didn't go through. Anyway, it looked like a fun shower. The decorations were lovely and tthe refreshments looked yummy.