Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playa Mujeres, Mexico Honeymoon Day 3

Day 3 of our honeymoon was spent relaxing around the pool!  It was awesome!  The only plans we had was for our massage that was later in the afternoon.  
This picture was taken off of our balcony.  We spent much time hanging out by the pool and on our terrace.

When we went in for lunch, we looked at the daily newsletter and Archery was one of the activities they were doing early afternoon.  Jake really wanted to do it, so off we went.  My form is not so good!   
Look at that form!! Jake came in 3rd for the Archery contest!

Our Spa appointment was later in the afternoon.  After archery, we went back to the pool.  Drank a few virgin strawberry daiquiris and continued relaxing.  The big, white, circle building is the spa!  We spent about two hours there getting our couples massage!  Jake did not enjoy the couples massage as much as I did!  He enjoyed the scalp massage the best and I enjoyed the whole thing!

While we were getting our massage, it rained pretty hard for about 20 minutes.  When we were finished with our massage, we went back out to the pool and everyone had cleared out!  It wasn't time for dinner, so we walked around a took a few pictures
Look how pretty the clouds were after the rain as the sun was setting!  Playa Mujeres was such a beautiful place!

A little blurry, but still beautiful!

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  1. Looks like a great place!!